Conference and Parties

Sapporo Grand Hotel has 24 banquet rooms fully equipped
to meet your party or conference needs whether it be a large event or a special gathering.

Why Sapporo Grand Hotel?


  • Large Banquet

    A large space capable of accommodating up to 1,000 guests

  • Medium Banquet

    An elegant space that offers classical dignity with a refined arrangement

  • Small Banquet

    A private space that is ideal for a gathering of friends

  • Sky Banquet

    A top floor banquet hall with a breathtaking view of Sapporo's cityscape

  • Crystal Hall

    An ideal space for events or exhibitions where people can easily come and go


An extensive space for international conventions or business conferences

Sapporo is the central metropolis of Hokkaido and a harmony of nature combined with a modern cityscape. Sapporo Grand Hotel is a landmark of the city that promises a pleasant stay for every guest.


Abundant experience and know-how

Sapporo Grand Hotel has earned the trust of many through its experience in handling international conventions and other major events. The hotel also has practical experience in dealing with numerous VIPs in the political and business worlds. It is a collective strength accumulated over the years that is ideal for serving the needs of our guests.

  • Banquet rooms that are rich with variation

    From a banquet room capable of accommodating up to 1,000 guests to small banquet rooms for family or private gatherings, Sapporo Grand Hotel is prepared to serve your needs.

  • Dinners to satisfy any VIP

    Sapporo Grand Hotel offers flavors that have been developed since the hotel's inception. Here is where you will find the craftsmanship of yesteryear combined with innovative ideas. Enjoy the dishes prepared by our chefs and their traditional skills and modern creativity.

  • A fully experienced staff

    At Sapporo Grand Hotel, hospitality comes first. From preparation to actual service, the hotel's staff is prepared to serve the diverse needs of both domestic and international VIPs.

  • Directly connected to Sapporo's underground walkway

    The hotel is ideally located in the heart of Sapporo and directly connected to the city's underground walkway. The underground walkway allows smooth access to the hotel regardless of the weather.

  • Accommodations
  • Restaurants