Always with Hokkaido.


The Sapporo Grand Hotel celebrated its 85th anniversary in December 2019.
This is thanks to none other than the patronage of our many guests, and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you.

We opened as Hokkaido’s first genuine Western style hotel in December 1934 and have fulfilled our mission and role in the area ever since by providing hospitality to both domestic and foreign guests to Hokkaido and Sapporo and spreading Western culture throughout the area.

I believe that, with the history and tradition we have built thus far as our fuel, the time has come to take the first step into a new age in order to remain here in this place.

Our slogan always has and always will be “Always with Hokkaido.”
With this as our slogan, and with a “hospitality first” mindset, we pledge to continue creating new culture and value and to provide the best hospitality and finest living for all of our guests.

Our staff will continue moving forward as a team so that we might provide a memorable experience for all.
We humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement.

Sapporo Grand Hotel
General Manager Hirokazu Hazama

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